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OBJECTIVES To promote organic agriculture both at policy and practice level through advocacy, training, research, institutional development and marketing support;

To generate knowledge and support on adaptation to climate change
Purpose The purpose of Ecological Services Ecoscentre is to narrow the distance between economy and ecology through sustainable development on agriculture, environment and ventures etc. The center believe that through the sustainable development it could uplift the living standard of the population living.
VISION The vision of Ecological Services Centre is to crate a just society which respects ecological integrity.
GOAL The goal of Ecological Services Centre is to establish an Enhanced sustainable livelihood and ecosystems bases.

Ecological Services Centre (ECOSCENTRE)

Ecological Services Centre (ECOSCENTRE) is a Non Governmental Organization registered with District Administration Office Chitwan with the status of non-profitable, tax exempted social services organization. ECOSCENTRE is affiliated with Social Welfare Council that is an apex body of NGOs in Nepal

Ecological Services Centre (ECOSCENTRE) is a National NGO working in the field of natural resources management, bio-diversity, organic agriculture and indigenous knowledge. At present, ECOSCENTRE has been working in different districts of central and western development region of Nepal.

ECOSCENTRE has successfully completed almost fifteen years for national development through Natural Resource Management, climate change, Ecological and Organic Agriculture, Revival of Indigenous Knowledge, Bio-diversity Conservation and Indigenous Rights for socio-economic development of rural people.

In the field of natural resources and management, we have been focusing our activities to wards the sustainable use of resources and maintain its potentiality for the future generation. More concentration has been given to the environmental related issues and its relation to livelihood of people. Indigenous knowledge is the base of the civilization of that particular community. It has also playing major role in the development of technology in the field of agriculture, livestock, natural resources and health practices. In this area, we have been trying to include farmers' knowledge and practices, local innovation and its potentiality for  improvement for the betterment of socioeconomic situation of people.

Similarly, another priority area of ECOSCENTRE is Organic/ ecological Agriculture and biodiversity management giving equal importance for the economical, social and environmental aspects.