Mentally retarded and physically handicapped students' school support programme (April, 2007- Dec., 2013)

Mental retardation is a developmental disability that is marked by lower-than-normal intelligence and limited daily living skills. Mental retardation is normally present at birth or develops early in life.

The symptoms of mental retardation usually appear early in life. Children with the disorder tend to develop more slowly than normal. They may learn to sit up, to walk, to talk, and to perform other simple tasks later than average. Mental retardation is often accompanied by other symptoms as well. These symptoms include aggression, a tendency toward self-injury, and personality changes. As a child grows older, the best indication of mental retardation is the standard intelligence tests.


Ecoscentre, with financial support from the sarimilla Trust has been supporting Shreepur Mentally retardation welfare school, Fulbari, Chitwan for building physical facility (e.g. dormitory, kitchen, toilets and bathrooms) for residential study since it is difficult to bring students every day by their parents. We are also supporting them for different vocational training including kitchen gardening.