Raising Awareness on the Impact of climate through school in Chitwan, Nepal

Awareness to community about climate change, its impacts and measures to cope with changing climate is fundamentally needed to familiarize people in this issue, minimize impacts and possible adaptation measures. Awareness program on climate change can help to raise understanding on rising temperature, associated hazards, reduce its impacts and adaptation measures. Awareness program can be implemented through various measures including trainings, workshops, field campaign, talk programs and orientations, publications, publicity through mass media etc. Among various measures, awareness through school serves as effective means of communication and dissemination of information as there is wider adaptability and has long term implication in community.


  • To collect information related to climate change and develop a resource book/reference material on Climate Change.
  • To raise understanding of school teachers and students on climate change, its impacts and adaptation measures.
  • To disseminate information on climate change to communities and stakeholders including students and teachers.