Empowerment of women farmers' groups to improve livelihoods through Farmers Field School in Chitwan, Nepal (Jan 2008- Dec. 2013)

This programme has been implemented six women groups in Bacchauli VDC of Chitwan district. Farmers' field school is learning approach in the field for at least one cropping season. Learning involves evaluating the agro-ecosystem of crops with provision of technical knowledge form facilitators of the Field School.  Though experimentation, observation, discussion and decision making women farmers increases their crop management skills. The field school trains farmers in analyzing their own environment and farming practices, thereby enabling them to make more rational decisions on crop management practices and use of resources that are compatible with their cropping environment and farming system.

The active participation of farmers in decision-making for management of their crops using environment friendly tools and techniques is core of farmer's field school. Strategy and methodology followed for the promotion of community in organic vegetable production practices in Farmers’ Field School involves following major practices that enable women farmers and buildup their confidence in crop management.

  • They will learn better by field examination of soil, crop, and pest and disease management practices in the crop.
  • This is knowledge building approach where farmer-to-farmer learning is exercised with technical backstopping form trained specialists.
  • Farmers' Field serves as real learning classes for field problems and locating management practices for these problems. Farmers develop suitable management strategy by observation, analysis and interpretation of agro-ecosystem.
  • Curriculum of learning is moderated according to farmers felt need rather than tight schedule and spoon feeding of technical knowledge.
  • Experienced women  farmers in some especial issues will be promoted to share their successful experiences and expertise during field classes
  • Gender empowerment in decision making is another important practice adopted in Farmers’ Field School.