PROLINNOVA Nepal Programme (July 2004-Dec., 2006)

PROLINNOVA is an international NGO-led initiative to build a global learning and advocacy network on promoting local innovation in ecologically oriented agriculture and natural resource management. The focus is on recognizing the dynamics of indigenous knowledge and learning how to strengthen the capacities of farmers to adjust to changing conditions- to develop and adopt their own site appropriate systems and institutions of resource management in order to gain food security, sustain their livelihoods and safeguard the environment.

Seeds for Survival (SFS) second Phase (Jan. 2005- Dec. 2006): A project designed to conserve and utilise local seed diversity and to promote food security.

Major expected outputs of this project are as follows;

  1. Local agricultural production will be appraised and current options for agricultural approaches evaluated. Through local and on-farm research the mechanisms determining food crop diversity loss will become better understood.
  2. Organisation will be equipped to transfer effectively knowledge and skills relating to agro-biodiversity and the maintenance of live gene banks such that these activities would be sustained at community level.
  3. Farmers within the project area will conserve, improve (through on-farm breeding) and utilise local seed varieties for achieving their own food security