9th National Training of Trainers (ToT) in Organic Agriculture


Organic Agriculture is a system approach based on a set of processes resulting in a sustainable ecosystem, safe food, good nutrition, animal welfare and social justice. Organic Agriculture is therefore more than a system of production that includes or excludes certain inputs.
Organic Products is being increased in both the national and international level. To satisfy this increasing demand, protect the agro-environment and maintain the economic returns of farmers, Organic Agriculture is increasing day by day in the country. As a result, demand of Organic Agriculture trainers, practitioners and facilitators are also increasing.
To fulfill this need and support for the Organic Agriculture Movements of Nepal, ECOSCENTRE is going to organize ten days long intensive course entitled "Training of Trainers in Organic Agriculture" during Kartik 16-25, 2069 (November 01-10, 2012) in Chitwan. This course will be helpful to boost up the capacity of yourself and your organization in delivering services regarding organic Agriculture in National and International Level. 
Major Objectives of Training
Major objectives of the training are as follows-

  • To share experiences of Organic Agriculture in Nepal and in the world
  • To develop human resources capable to facilitate farm, projects and trainings on organic agriculture in national and international level.

Course Structure
To fulfill the objectives, course will describe the following topics in major

  • Introduction, Principal and History of Organic Agriculture
  • Present status, area, production, market and cost benefit analysis of Organic Agriculture in various agro-ecological niches
  • Recent Research Outcomes of Organic Agriculture Researches in Nepal and Abroad
  • Economically viable, environment friendly and socially just technologies for organic farming
  • Organic Agriculture and its contribution in food security
  • Climate Change and Organic Agriculture
  • Research, Educational and Political supports being availed in Organic Agriculture
  • Pricing policies, standardization, farmers rights, certification and accreditation processes
  • Designing a Farm, Project and Training in Organic Agriculture

As this is complete package of training on organic agriculture, it will be very intensive, interactive, participatory and practical. In the evening, participants will get an opportunity to consult reference books, interact among each other to widen their visions on different aspects of organic agriculture and different working condition.
Training Methods
The training will be run in much participatory way. Each session will form a separate but interconnected workshop. Thus the whole training will become a bigger workshop in total.
Each sessions will begin with some ice breaks and or energizers followed by the sharing of participants' knowledge and experiences. Facilitators then will present further research information and interactive discussions will take place. At the end of the session, major conclusions will be derived and major issues will be enlisted. Thus training method include following process in specific

  • Lectures and discussion
  • Group Works and Presentation
  • Field Observation and Analysis
  • Hands on Practices
  • Excursion Visits to Organic Farms
  • Literature Review and learning sharing
  • Audio-Visual Observation

Expectation upon completion of the Course
After the training, participants will be able to design and facilitate organic agriculture Farms, Projects and Trainings at different levels as per the needs of the targeted beneficiaries. This is a complete training of this level in organic agriculture, among ever organized in Nepal.
In gist, this training will produce trainers with diversified skill to become a complete human resource for organic agricultural development in Nepal. As it familiarizes the participants about the various alternative technologies for seed, soil, pest etc management, it serves as a handy tool for information update and career development in this field.         
Target Group
The course is specially designed for the officer and Mid Level Technicians and Development workers, Tutors, Researchers or Entrepreneurs working in the field of General Agriculture, Sustainable Agriculture, Sustainable Development, Permaculture, Natural Resource Management etc. at different level and capacities.
Duration and Language
Duration of the training will be 10 residential days and participants are expected to remain in allocated venue during training. The course will be conducted in Nepali where as some of the presentation and reference materials could be in English.
Course Venue                                                                                
The course will be organized in a suitable venue of Chitwan. Emerging Organic communities around the venue will be used as laboratory for practical observation and exercise during the training.  The venue will have a mini library where participants can cross check or further explore the information they desire.
Nationally and internationally recognized Professionals and subject matter specialists of Organic Agriculture will be involved in facilitating the training. In between various personalities involved in the policymaking, marketing, research, education etc. will also be invited as guest lectures.

Course Fee

The course fee per participant is NRs. 18,500.00.  The total agreed fee includes lodging, food, field trips, handouts, first aid, Reference books, photographs and other on-site cultural immersion activities.

Bank information
Ecological Services Centre
Himalayan Bank Limited, Bhartpur Branch
Account no: 00800740000019 (Saving a/c)
Pariyabarniya Sewa Kendra
Nepal Bank Limited, Narayangadh
Account no: 0024-10-0002793 (Saving a/c)

Training Follow up

After the accomplishment of the training, participants will receive regular follow up.

For Detail Information and Registration

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