Organizational Structure

The top body of the center is a General Assembly.  The General Assembly (GA) appoints an Executive Board (EB) to prepare and implement the plans and programs for the center.  It is also responsible to prepare annual budget to implement the programs and regular office operations with GA's approval.

The EB is responsible to form the Program Development & Fund Raising (PDFU), Monitoring & Evaluation Unit (MEU); Research and Training Unit (RTU); Operation and Information Unit (OIU) to drive the programs according to ECOSCENTRE's goals.

The Program Development & Fund Raising (PDFU) is responsible for new project development, maintain a better relationship with donors, line agencies, networking groups etc.  The unit is also responsible for feasibility studies of potential programs, field visits to the selected sites etc. and keep all the data related to the ECOSCENTRE's programs and any other data that may help to develop new programs as well.  The executive director heads the unit with assistance of the ECOSCENTRE's unit heads, program staffs, advisors, and consultants.

Monitoring & Evaluation Unit (MEU) is responsible for regular monitoring of the ongoing programs being carried out by ECOSCENTRE and carry out evaluation works of those programs periodically and as per the programs requirements.  The unit is also responsible to provide appropriate advises to the concerned program heads, staffs and management.

The Research and Training Unit (RTU) is responsible to carry out research project conducts under the grant agreement and, to carry out research and study activities of those projects implementing by the ECOSCENTRE.  Along with the research program, this unit is also responsible to design, planning and formulation of training activities under the projects.  Development and Publishing of the training manuals is also handle by this unit.  A Research and Training Officer headed this unit with assistance of partners, research scholars, and consultants.

The Operation and Information Unit (OIU) is works as a program support unit that is responsible for overall management administrative, logistical and financial management and keep all the information/data of the program activities.  This unit supports other two units on their project planning, budgeting, financial monitoring and prepares all necessary financial documents that require reporting the donor and governmental agencies.  A part time management specialist heads this unit with assistance of an accountant, office assistants and close cooperation of the unit heads and internal audit.

Organizational Structure Ecological Services Centre
Organizational Structure

The ECOSCENTRE has committed staff on the program development and program implementation as well.  All the staff has good experiences on the community development, gender and cast sensitivity, good governance, empowerment of local people including women, farmers etc.  Some of them are experts in the fields of agro-enterprise development who helps the people is project area for the growing of organic agriculture products, non-timber forestry products, networking with the local markets.  In the fields of socio-economic development, strengthening of local cooperative groups, community development groups by giving training on micro-finance management, enterprise development, organic agriculture productions etc.