Completed Programme

    1. PROLINNOVA Nepal Programme (Jan 2007-Dec., 2011

    1. Strengthening Marketing system of Organic products through farmers Co-operative in Chitwan (Jan. 2007 - Dec. 2012)

    1. Promotion of Permaculture through training, Farmers field school and technical support for enhancing livelihood in Gaidakot, Nawalparasi, Nepal (Jan. 2006- Dec., 2013)

    1. Mentally retarded and physically handicapped students' school support programme (April, 2007- Dec., 2011)

    1. Empowerment of women farmers' groups to improve livelihoods through Farmers Field School in Chitwan, Nepal (Jan 2008- Dec. 2011)

    1. Raising Awareness on the Impact of climate through school in Chitwan, Nepal

    1. Production and promotion of indigenous vegetables among marginalized farmers in remote VDCs of Chitwan District

    1. Rural Drinking Water Supply and Sanitation Programme, 6th and 7th Batch (2006- 2009)

    1. Promoting Organic Agriculture for Food Security in Nepal (POAF), January 2007-December 2008 (Supported by ICCO through Nepal Permaculture Group (NPG), Kathmandu, Nepal)

    1. Research Program on Bioslurry as Biofertilizer

    1. Biodiversity Conservation Program

    1. Nursery for Agroforestry Program

    1. Awareness program on Climate Change

    1. Research Project on Shifting Cultivation

    1. Providing support for agriculture (raising seasonal and off-seasonal cash and Cereal crops) and Conservation oriented farming (i.e. SALT) to the community in Climate Change adaptation Project (July 2006- August 2007)


    1. Improvement of Vegetable Marketing System through farmers Co-operative in Chitwan and Dhading Districts of Nepal (July 2003 - June 2006)

    1. Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Programme, V Batch (September 2004-October 2006)

    1. Ecological Agriculture and Rural Development Project (January 1998-December 2006)

    1. Sustainable Agriculture at Meghauli and Dibyanagar VDC II (July 2002-June 2004)

    1. Seed for Survival (July 2002-June 2004)

    1. Education on Indigenous Rights and Protected Areas in Chitwan, Nepal III (January 2003-June 2006)

    1. Intercultural Exchange of Natural Resource Management (1998)

    1. Education on Indigenous Rights and Protected Areas in Chitwan, Nepal II (April 2000-March 2001)

    1. Environmental Conservation and Rural Development Project at Dibya Nagar village Development committee (November 1999-October 2001)

    1. Programme for Cosmovision and Indigenous Knowledge Project I and II phase (July 1998-June 2002)

    1. Self-Reliant Drinking Water and Sanitation Project (January 1998-March 2000)

    1. Water Resource Management Program (March 2001-September 2001)

    1. Improvement of Traditional Rain fed Farming (1994)

    1. A Research Program on Development of Organic Pest Management Method for Insect Pests o Vegetables (July 2000-June 2003)

    1. Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Programme, IV Batch (December 2001-November 2002)

  1. Education on Indigenous Rights and Protected Areas in Chitwan (Gardi and Jagatpur VDCs are the projects main study area) (July 2000-June 2001)